Help Create the New Owl Preserve!

We are looking for volunteers to:


  • take people on walks to see and hear the owls at the Owl Nesting Tree and their Hunting Meadows
  • update owl events on social media like Meetup and Facebook
  • answer email or phone questions about the Owl Preserve
  • present owl slideshows to schools, groups of friends and community groups that want to learn more about the Twin Lakes owl family
  • attend city meetings to encourage council members and planning board members to help create the new Great Horned Owl Preserve
  • How else can you help?  We love hearing your suggestions!

If you would like to volunteer email us- we’ll be happy to hear from you! 

Other helpful items:

  • pictures of owls and/people at Twin Lakes that will inspire and excite
  • high quality close up video of owls for TV news releases


Owl Christmas Party!

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015, 5:00 PM

Boulder Municipal Building
1777 Broadway Boulder, CO

3 Owl Friends Attending

Enjoy a Christmas Party for the Owls!(with drinks and socializing to follow!)This Christmas gathering will be a lot of fun!  We’ll talk and laugh,  perhaps sing some Christmas Carols and enjoy a 5 minute presentation on the proposed Boulder Great Horned Owl Preserve.The gathering will be held prior to the start of an important Council and Planni…

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